When Should You Look For Matchmaking Services In Singapore?

Matchmaking services in Singapore

Should there be a point in your life in which you should just resort or turn to matchmaking services instead?

The answer is actually yes, and it is perhaps not what you think it is like. A matchmaking service such as TRUE Matchmaking of Singapore (truematchmaking.com) will be able to aid you greatly, if you fulfill the following criteria.

Are you a busy professional in Singapore?

Are you super busy with your work? Are you in a high demand job such as that of surgeon, specialist, lawyer, investment banker or something to this tune? If so, then perhaps you are too busy to date in the traditional sense.

Hanging out by the bars is probably something that you are only able to do once a year, and even then, you are probably dead tired when you do that.

In such a case, even swiping right on dating apps can be a problem. For such people, finding a matchmaker in Singapore will probably be a potential and viable option if you intend to find a long term partner.

Are you a little older?

If you are middle aged, it can be a bit more difficult for you to pick up girls on the street. One of the main reasons why is because most women in SG will automatically presume that you are already married with kids at your age. Therefore, if you look and dress like a typical middle aged man in Singapore as well, then there is nearly no chance you stand at dating girls in Singapore.

It is even harder for middle aged men to date online, because most girls only select the age criteria on such dating apps to be within 2 to 5 years of their own age. If you are in your 40s and going after girls in their late 20s, these girls will never even see your profile pop up on their dating app no matter how many you swipe right to.

Is it difficult for you to find someone who can accept your lifestyle?

Perhaps you are a busy professional as mentioned above. Even if you managed to find someone, are they able to accept your busy lifestyle?

Some girls want a successful man, however, when they realize how many hours you need to work, they bail. They watch too many Korean dramas of rich family heirs. However, that is not the case in real life when it comes to successful men such as yourself. Unfortunately, many of these girls are spoilt and are unable to accept such busy lifestyles, where you potentially put career over dating many times.

So there you have it, my dating tips for you! If you suffer from the above problems, it may be high time for you to look for a matchmaker in Singapore instead of wasting your time dating with no results!

Are Social Escorts A Viable Dating Option For Men In SG?

Singapore social escort

Should you contact a local escort agency and date Singapore escort girls from websites like sgvipescorts.com? Is that a viable dating option for most men in Singapore? Or is it ridiculous?

Here are some of the factors that can determine whether dating social escorts is a viable option for you.

Are you looking for a short term or long term relationship?

If you are looking for a long term relationship, you are better off looking for a matchmaker.

If you are looking for a short term or no strings attached relationship, then social escorts could be a potential option for you. There are also other options such as using mobile dating applications, however, these usually come with a whole lot of other problems for you.

To know which is the best choice for you, read further.

Are you a time crunched Singaporean man?

There are some unsuccessful men who do nothing and sit around all day long. For those under achievers, it is probably best that they save their money and pick up girls ‘naturally’.

However, for a time crunched and highly successful man like you, you probably do not have the time to play dating games those other lower SES men are used to.

To save time, you should go for options such as social escorts or sugar babies, as long as you are looking for a short term relationship.

Are you easily fazed by stigma in Singapore?

One of the key things about dating social escorts or even sugar babies is that it can still be seen as relatively taboo in Singapore.

If you are the type that are easily fazed, then do not do it.

But chances are high that because you are so successful, you are probably a cut above the others. You do not think anything similar to that of the average man in Singapore. So, go on, and date social escorts or even keep a sugar baby or two along the way. You are not yet going to get married anyway!

How old are you?

If you are trying to pick up girls aged in their mid 20s, which many professionals in Singapore look for, you may start facing issues if you are older than 35. While this may not necessarily be the case for long term relationships, because girls usually want a dependable and wealthier man to take care of them, for short term relationships, girls may prefer a hotter and younger guy.

This is why you see older guys who are wealthier struggle to date in a normal way for short term relationships.

Do you know how to take good photographs of yourself?

Do you know how to take amazing photos of yourself? If you are looking into regular online dating applications, it is very heavily photo centric.

If you do not know how to take amazing photos of yourself, and in a way that can intrigue girls the right way, you will struggle. No matter how good your other characteristics are, or how handsome you are in real life, it is utterly and completely useless and irrelevant.

3 Ways To Meet Girls In Singapore Without Rejection Even If You Are Ugly

Here are 3 shockingly easy ways you can meet girls for the short term effectively in Singapore without fear of rejection.

If you are looking for long term dating or marriage, the following methods are probably not as ideal. However, if you are looking for short term fun with local girls, then it will be ideal!

Some of the following methods are more effective or expensive than others, however, they all work great. It is up to you to pick either one of the following methods to meet pretty Singaporean girls.

If you have always constantly be rejected by girls you approach on the street, perhaps because you are too short, too fat, too skinny, not good looking enough or whatever, here are some ways you come overcome such rejections by girls in Singapore.

First of all, you want to leverage Tinder

Say what? Tinder is one of the most superficial places on planet Earth, how dare I recommend using Tinder to you?

Yes, you are perfectly right. However, you do not just want to use Tinder the normal way. You want to leverage Tinder. What does this mean?

Let us all face it. City girls are all materialistic. The higher the costs of living in a particular city, the more materialistic the girls are. This happens for all highly developed cities like Tokyo, New York, Shanghai, London, and Singapore.

Therefore, in your Tinder profile, you want to show off your wealth as much as possible. Since you are not looking for a wife, you need not necessarily worry about gold diggers.

It is often said that men look for beauty in women, while women look for wealth in men.

Leverage what you have, and you will soon realize that having money as a man is like having beauty as a woman! Attracting girls on Tinder in Singapore will now be easy for you with this hack.

Second of all, social escorts are a great way to easily meet Singaporean girls

For a no hassles experience meeting Singaporean girls, contact a social escort. True Singaporean ones are usually found in social escort agencies in Singapore, you can engage their services through such a local agency in Singapore..

As long as you keep to recommended social escort agencies, you should be able to meet a local, Singaporean girl relatively easily.

Some recommended social escort agencies in Singapore include SG VIP Escorts (still around and specializes in romantic girlfriend experience by local Singaporean girls only) and Royce Escorts (website down for a long while now, but they had good girls too in the past, if they come back up again you may want to take note of them too).

If you want to meet social escorts, and a real Singaporean one at that, you need to avoid independents to avoid getting scammed.You want to note that most independent social escorts in Singapore are fake, and are notorious for looking absolutely nothing like their photos. In addition, most of them market themselves as Singaporean and price themselves with a huge premium, when in reality, they are just a Thai or Viet girl.

Make sure to steer clear of independent social escorts, and stick to agencies if you want a local SG girl and you should be safe. Additionally, agencies tend to use real photos, because they have no incentive to recommend you a bad reviewed escort.

On the other hand, an independent can only sell her own escort services, and if she looks ugly, there is no way she can use her real photo and expect to get clients, so independent escorts in SG tend to use fake images.

Third of all, meeting a sugar baby is also a great option in SG

Seeking and The Sugar Book are definitely hot choices for men in Singapore looking to date girls quickly.

Basically, sugar arrangements are usually no strings attached relationships where the wealthy men and younger and beautiful women arrange for a mutually beneficial relationship on their own terms.

This is highly similar to escorts, just that you will need to approach the girls directly, instead of approaching an agent who will do the talking to the girls for you.


Actually you can tell that all of the above 3 methods are about leveraging wealth to meet girls easily in Singapore.

What if you are an older man in your late 30s or 40s or even 50s?

No problem. There are also dating solutions in Singapore for you – in fact, the second and third method mentioned above are perfect for you! But I shan’t talk too much about that here, because I have just written an indepth post on effective dating in Singapore for older men.

Big disclaimer:

Unfortunately for some men, in particular men of Indian or Middle Eastern descent, women in Singapore generally prefer Chinese men only. Therefore, the above methods may be of slightly less effect for you.

However, these methods are definitely more effective than randomly trying to pick up girls on the streets of Singapore! Girls in Singapore behave so conservatively and will reject you outright even if they like you, if you approach them on the streets of Singapore. This is because Singaporean girls are not used to that, and they will feel awkward, and so rejecting the men approaching them in such scenarios are their natural responses without even realizing it.