The Plight For Older But Wealthier Men Dating In Singapore

Dating in Singapore can be a problem if you are an older man, who wants to date a girl in her 20s. However, most men who are well established in their careers do not want a career woman in her mid 30s. Most successful men want a youthful and beautiful lady in her 20s.

However, that can be a problem, and you are probably experiencing it right now or know someone like this if you are reading this article now.

Common problems:

Here are some of the common reasons why it is more difficult for older men in Singapore to date successfully.

No young girl will even indicate wanting to meet an older man on dating apps – no visibility

If you have tried dating online, no matter how handsome or young you may look, or wealthy you are, you may find that not even one girl is responding to you. This is especially the case if you are in yours 40s in Singapore. This is simply because girls in Singapore usually select the age range of the guys they can view on the dating websites. And they usually pick those within 5 to 8 years of their age. This means that if you are wanting a Singaporean girl who is aged oldest 28 years old, unless you are aged 35 and below, she will not even be able to see your profile on dating mobile applications!

As a result of your age, you get zero visibility on most of these typical dating mobile applications.

Most girls may feel awkward due to large age gap

Some girls in Singapore are worried that it will be awkward going out with you, because they will not have any similar topics to you. This is especially the case if you are in your 40s and going after a girl which you are 20 years older than.

In fact, many Singaporean girls may even feel awkward because you may be somewhat close to their fathers’ ages!

Some girls are worried about friends opinion of them

Some Singaporean girls are actually fine with going out and dating men much older than them. However, they are worried about their friends seeing that, and the potential social stigma that may come with it.


So, if you are caught in such a situation, what should you do to meet women in Singapore? Thankfully, there are still solutions.

Go on dating platforms specifically designed for this

Believe it or not, your problem is not uncommon in Singapore. There are many men choosing to focus on their careers and becoming financially successful, which is great. However, the downside is that social life often takes a back seat for these powerful and successful men, perhaps such as yourself.

There are solutions targeted exactly at men like you – wealthier but older men struggling to date young, beautiful Singaporean ladies.

Social escort services in Singapore

Social escorts are usually hot, beautiful girls in their 20s who will accompany you. They will pretend to be your girlfriend for a sum of money. It is basically a girlfriend on demand. The difference is that these girls prefer older but wealthier men, over younger and immature boys. So if you are older and want a younger, beautiful Singaporean lady? You can look for Singaporean social escorts! Just make sure to engage those from a reputable local Singapore escort agency if you want a real SG girl.

A side note, a fun fact for you is that if this is the first time you are engaging social escorts, they are usually classy, beautiful girls.

If you want an ah lian, you are probably better off going to clubs. Social escorts are slim, eloquent, gorgeous – basically they look like the pretty office lady colleague you had in the past or the hot girl you always used to walk past in school.

Sugar dating websites

Sugar dating websites in Singapore has recently flourished, though the growth has plateaued. However, it is still a great place for men like yourself to look for a young Singaporean girl easily.

Girls there are looking for a sugar daddy. And to be frank, the main thing that a guy your age can offer girls much younger is wealth and maturity. Let us face it, it is probably not your used to be young, dashing looks that is going to cut it anymore. You are probably also looking for beauty and youth. Therefore, there is an exchange of money and maturity for youth and beauty – similar to that of social escorts.

The biggest difference between social escorts and sugar babies is that the former is once off. While you can meet the social escort again, you will need to reengage her. Sugar dating can be long term based, although this heavily depends on the agreement you come to with the girl.

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