When Should You Look For Matchmaking Services In Singapore?

Matchmaking services in Singapore

Should there be a point in your life in which you should just resort or turn to matchmaking services instead?

The answer is actually yes, and it is perhaps not what you think it is like. A matchmaking service such as TRUE Matchmaking of Singapore (truematchmaking.com) will be able to aid you greatly, if you fulfill the following criteria.

Are you a busy professional in Singapore?

Are you super busy with your work? Are you in a high demand job such as that of surgeon, specialist, lawyer, investment banker or something to this tune? If so, then perhaps you are too busy to date in the traditional sense.

Hanging out by the bars is probably something that you are only able to do once a year, and even then, you are probably dead tired when you do that.

In such a case, even swiping right on dating apps can be a problem. For such people, finding a matchmaker in Singapore will probably be a potential and viable option if you intend to find a long term partner.

Are you a little older?

If you are middle aged, it can be a bit more difficult for you to pick up girls on the street. One of the main reasons why is because most women in SG will automatically presume that you are already married with kids at your age. Therefore, if you look and dress like a typical middle aged man in Singapore as well, then there is nearly no chance you stand at dating girls in Singapore.

It is even harder for middle aged men to date online, because most girls only select the age criteria on such dating apps to be within 2 to 5 years of their own age. If you are in your 40s and going after girls in their late 20s, these girls will never even see your profile pop up on their dating app no matter how many you swipe right to.

Is it difficult for you to find someone who can accept your lifestyle?

Perhaps you are a busy professional as mentioned above. Even if you managed to find someone, are they able to accept your busy lifestyle?

Some girls want a successful man, however, when they realize how many hours you need to work, they bail. They watch too many Korean dramas of rich family heirs. However, that is not the case in real life when it comes to successful men such as yourself. Unfortunately, many of these girls are spoilt and are unable to accept such busy lifestyles, where you potentially put career over dating many times.

So there you have it, my dating tips for you! If you suffer from the above problems, it may be high time for you to look for a matchmaker in Singapore instead of wasting your time dating with no results!