How Can I Find Local Social Escorts Using Real Pictures In Singapore?

Some of you people may have been struggling to find genuine and real local Singaporean escorts. Here are some tips which can help you to look for and find real Singaporean escorts who are also using real images and pictures and contents for themselves.

Make sure that the prices the escort girl is charging is in line with typical Singaporean escort rates

First of all, look at the prices. Genuine local Singaporean nationality escort girls charge more for their services, simply due to much higher demand, among other reasons. Most Singaporean escorts charge between $800 to $1000 per hour, and that is the case for both Singapore escort agencies as well as independent escorts. If you see the prices being far too cheap, for instance, in the range of less than $500 to 600 per hour, there is a good chance she is not a real Singaporean – and if she lies about one thing, she probably is lying about her other things like her pictures too. Basically, if the deal sounds too good to be true, it is probably fake or she looks really fat and ugly.

Maybe the website or websites you are using is just full of nonsense – maybe look at other websites for a change

Secondly, if you are always used to receiving fake images, perhaps there is just something wrong with the website or websites you have been using or the method you have been trying to meet a real escort in Singapore! The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and hoping the results will change. Most men who claim problems of meeting escorts who are not real Singaporean or are using fake pictures or content details description use infamous freelance websites like Locanto or Skokka or sites similar to that. They then see this model-like girls and then they try to book them only to find out that the actual escort girl is not even Singaporean, sometimes not even the same race and are probably nothing like their images! Let me give you a big tip – if you are in Singapore and someone sends you a face photo, chances are, that is not her. You can bet your bottom dollar that that unethical girl has simply stolen a real model’s face photos and pretend to be her. The reason for that is because most Singaporeans are very conservative, and thus will not be using such full facial pictures and send them to the clients. Singapore city does not work the same way like a more liberal place like Las Vegas will. Therefore, if you see face photos, and she claims to be Singaporean, run for your wallet!cute woman

Most independent escorts use fake images, so avoid them generally speaking

Third of all, most freelancers and independent escorts tend to use fake photos. Why is that the case? Well, every person is different, but we believe there are several possible reasons. Agencies tend to use real images, because if you did not take an interest in a particular escort, they can recommend you another who is available. On the other hand, an independent escort makes no money if you do not pick her. So that is a big reason why some of them misrepresent themselves by using fake images. Additionally, you are dealing with them directly. If they are a real SG girl, they would be terrified if their identities got exposed. Therefore, some of them use fake images. However, those working with an agency will tend to use real images only, as the escort agency will either make sure of that, or because the agency confers additional privacy protection, the SG girl will be more open.

Therefore, if you have bumped into problems like meeting foreign call girls from neighbouring countries pretending like they have a Singaporean nationality and charging you more, or you may have bumped into local social escorts who cat-fished you by using fake photographs, make sure to use one or more of the above tips!

With Backpage Singapore Gone, Where To Find Social Escorts?

With the infamous Backpage Singapore gone since April 2018, where do you find escorts in Singapore? Here are some ways in which you can find Singapore call girls still.

Firstly, you could simply go search for a local agency. There are lots of Singapore escort agencies, though I strongly recommend you stick only to reputable ones like SG VIP Escorts. This is especially the case if you want a pleasant experience without getting cheated in Singapore. Many of them are also defunct already, and non operational. Simply contact and see which one replies, assuming you have already done your prior research of their companies and due diligence! There are lots of dodgy, unregistered businesses and peddling all kinds of illegal services. Avoid those at all costs.

Second of all, you can search for freelance escorts on escort directories. If you want to go the freelance girl route, you are actually strongly recommended only to hire those with some online presence. What do I mean by this? There are lots of people who got scammed by freelance girls using fake photographs on sites like Skokka, SingaporeStory and what not. If you must go for freelancers, then definitely only use those reputable ones like Rebecca or Cara or someone like this. Those have even been featured by the media. Otherwise, look for those with their own website. They are generally safer.

Third of all, you could go through a classified ad site like Locanto to search for social escorts in Singapore. However, if you had to pick one of these methods, this is definitely the worst. The reason for this is because many of them are actually using fake photographs on classified ads site. While that may also have been the case with Backpage in the past, at least there are some real photos. However, this is less likely the case. However, if you have zero standards, and just want to meet a dirt cheap (albeit potentially very ugly) escort in Singapore, then classified ads are a good place to look into.

Are Social Escorts A Viable Dating Option For Men In SG?

Singapore social escort

Should you contact a local escort agency and date Singapore escort girls from websites like Is that a viable dating option for most men in Singapore? Or is it ridiculous?

Here are some of the factors that can determine whether dating social escorts is a viable option for you.

Are you looking for a short term or long term relationship?

If you are looking for a long term relationship, you are better off looking for a matchmaker.

If you are looking for a short term or no strings attached relationship, then social escorts could be a potential option for you. There are also other options such as using mobile dating applications, however, these usually come with a whole lot of other problems for you.

To know which is the best choice for you, read further.

Are you a time crunched Singaporean man?

There are some unsuccessful men who do nothing and sit around all day long. For those under achievers, it is probably best that they save their money and pick up girls ‘naturally’.

However, for a time crunched and highly successful man like you, you probably do not have the time to play dating games those other lower SES men are used to.

To save time, you should go for options such as social escorts or sugar babies, as long as you are looking for a short term relationship.

Are you easily fazed by stigma in Singapore?

One of the key things about dating social escorts or even sugar babies is that it can still be seen as relatively taboo in Singapore.

If you are the type that are easily fazed, then do not do it.

But chances are high that because you are so successful, you are probably a cut above the others. You do not think anything similar to that of the average man in Singapore. So, go on, and date social escorts or even keep a sugar baby or two along the way. You are not yet going to get married anyway!

How old are you?

If you are trying to pick up girls aged in their mid 20s, which many professionals in Singapore look for, you may start facing issues if you are older than 35. While this may not necessarily be the case for long term relationships, because girls usually want a dependable and wealthier man to take care of them, for short term relationships, girls may prefer a hotter and younger guy.

This is why you see older guys who are wealthier struggle to date in a normal way for short term relationships.

Do you know how to take good photographs of yourself?

Do you know how to take amazing photos of yourself? If you are looking into regular online dating applications, it is very heavily photo centric.

If you do not know how to take amazing photos of yourself, and in a way that can intrigue girls the right way, you will struggle. No matter how good your other characteristics are, or how handsome you are in real life, it is utterly and completely useless and irrelevant.